FCT NOVA launches new AquaInSilico spin-off in partnership with Frontier IP



April 9th 2020

FCT NOVA’s focus on technology transfer continues to provide business creation and investment in solutions created from research. AquaInSilico is the most recent spin-off of these results and counts on the partnership of Frontier IP, a company specialized in university intellectual property’s commercialization.

AquaInSilico was born from the work of a team from the biochemical engineering (Bioeng) research group of UCIBIO, from the Chemistry Department, which developed a computer solution, aimed at optimizing wastewater treatment management, across several sectors. The sophisticated algorithms developed, based on deep biological and chemical knowledge, can understand and predict problems with on-going processes. This solution enables companies, such as oil, breweries, cellulose, paper, steel and food groups, processing and waste recovery companies and municipal wastewater treatment plants, in order to adapt their treatment systems, more efficiently, and they are expected to save up to 25 percent of their operating costs.

AquaInSilico is the third launch of Frontier IP in Portugal, along with FCT NOVA. The team, counting on with Jorge Santos, Mariana Matos and Maria Ascensão Reis of FCT NOVA, has developed several research projects in environmental and industrial bioengineering in collaboration with several participants of the world industry.

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